Dave Molony Announces Repeat Bid for State Representative of the 133rd District

On February 27, 2014, David Molony stood on the front steps of his Acupuncture practice office in downtown Catasauqua to announce a repeat bid for election to the House of Representatives 133rd District, which includes Catasauqua, Whitehall, Coplay, Fullerton, Hanover and Bethlehem residents in Lehigh County, Fountain Hill, South Allentown, and Eastern Salisbury Township.

“I’ve walked nearly every street and neighborhood in the District when I ran in 2012, meeting the people who I hope will feel confident that I’ll do a good job representing them in Harrisburg as this new District becomes a more cohesive community due to redistricting.” said Mr. Molony.

The 133rd District was previously partly in Northampton county and Mr. Molony said there was sort of a disconnect in how representation at the state level happened. He said that the reason why he decided originally to run for the seat was because the State House of Representatives was where he could provide the most impact while still being able to personally meet most everyone in the District, and now with the redistricting that is even more likely to happen.

“People need to feel comfortable talking with their Representative, who is really a combination legislator and troubleshooter for state government. These difficulties might arise from regulations and how they are enforced, and there may be a need for troubleshooting how the state government interacts when things just go wrong when it interacts with the people I will represent. This is the essence of constituent services, and it is my goal to do the best and most effective job ever in making sure those I represent are provided with cutting edge personalized responses that will make their interaction with the state government as painless and effective as possible. State government is supposed to work for us!”

Molony stated that he would like to see school taxes taken entirely off of housing, which would help all of us, but especially seniors who are feeling more and more like they are paying rent instead of owning their houses. Using an increase in the state sales taxes to make up the difference would spread the cost of education among everyone in the state equally. Housing would continue to be taxed for county services, but the relief of this ever growing burden would keep people in their homes with their kids and many times grandkids, given todays economy.

In speaking to the economy, Molony said that jobs that pay well are a very important part of a stable and growing community. The government can’t make jobs and balance the budget without increasing taxes and should not focus on paying to support one group over another, which can happen if there is favoritism when hiring or contracts are made with state money. This reality is a form of corruption. We need to go over all regulations and other possible obstructions to growth to make sure we remove those that are outdated and adjust those that are not effective in what they were intended to do. Proper state and local regulations are necessary to provide safety and many times aid in increasing effectiveness, but all rules should have at least one decade of sunset provision to confirm the continued need for government intervention.

Molony also said he would like to see a reduction in the size of the state House and Senate relative to the shrinking of the population of the state in order to reduce costs. Senator Argall’s original proposal would make several reductions in the number of legislators over a period of time, culminating in 50 fewer House members and five fewer Senators. I believe it is important to offer a plan that will have a realistic chance of winning legislative approval instead of another more dramatic proposal that will end up dying in committee. Under Argall’s previous legislation, starting in the first year after passage, the House of Representatives would be trimmed by ten seats, a pattern that will be repeated every ten years until the House will be trimmed to an efficient 153 seats. The Senate would shed two seats is starting in the first year after passage, two seats in ten years and a fifth seat in ten years later, trimming the Senate to 45 members. Sure, it would take a long time, but time moves quickly and legislation does not, especially when legislator’s jobs are at stake. Its best to get changes passed and let them evolve than to try and move things quickly, only to end up mired in legislative quicksand.

To save time and to let people inside on such a freezing day, Mr. Molony said that he hoped to win the nomination in the upcoming election and plans to go on to win the general election this fall.


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Dave (second from the right) with other RED, WHITE & GEORGE supporters.

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