David Molony wants to be perfectly clear. He recognizes that he represents the people who elect him, not only the party. David will be an independent voice whose focus will be on doing what is right for the people who elect him. Not corporations, nor unions. Not political parties, but people. Dave's first goal will be to provide a face and name as your Representative in the state legislature. He'll be someone you will see for information, new ideas, support and ways to deal with the changes that are occurring in our country, and especially how that will affect our state.

Your concerns are his concerns, and you can be sure he will work tirelessly to address them. If they're not within the power of the state government seat he occupies, Dave will bring them to the attention of his colleagues in other areas of government.
"I encourage you to contact me and ask me questions about Pennsylvania and the 133rd District’s relationship to the Commonwealth. Your thoughts and feelings are vital to the community. I promise to make every effort to see those whom I represent on a regular basis, not taking anyone for granted. After all, we're all in this together!"
My main priorities begin with the following:
1. School property taxes must be abolished
2. Make Pennsylvania self-reliant & sustainable
3. All new Laws must be reviewed and/or sunsetted after 10 years